A wardrobe full of clothes...


24 March 2018

…and nothing to wear.
This is the eternal preoccupation of modern society. The eternal question we ask ourselves every morning, every time we go out or need to assist a special occasion.

Perhaps men wonder less, perhaps men possess less, but let’s avoid stereotypes. Men like to dress carefully and often take better care of their clothes so that they will last longer! They are also fans of shopping if they believe they are buying the right clothes for them.

In the morning, in front of my wardrobe, I often feel that I am always dressing the same and this bores me, so usually I dig into the clothes I don’t wear anymore and try those instead. Going shopping is an option but can sometimes make things more complicated, since we don’t necessarily have a clear idea of what we need, or don’t know where to find it, so the risk is we are buying, again, something we are not going to wear.

And shopping takes time. Where to find the right colors and shapes and time to go shopping? The grand majority of people around me do their shopping alone and with very little time: coming back home from work, I’ll quickly stop at one or two stores, but I have to hurry to be back in time for the kids, or I’ll shop online but only with the brands I know, though this is a bit boring, or I don’t know where to look for unique clothes from smaller sustainable designers that not everyone knows and wears.

Actually, I think that just like taking an airplane, shopping is an activity that used to be fun, an adventure, but that has become tedious. When I take airplanes these days, I find the whole experience disagreeable, the waiting, the lack of space, the way people treat you, the overheating, the lack of service to make your flight pleasant…

How about we try to turn that around? How about if someone would help us find that pearl of an item that will make our day? How about finding a gorgeous top with a color that makes us look fabulous? How about a shape of dress that brings out the best of us?

That process starts by knowing ourselves and finally upcycling, donating of reselling the clothes that don’t suit us.

Here are a few i-Dylic tips:

  1. Give the clothes you don’t use a second life;

  2. Empty your cupboard of space used up unnecessarily;

  3. Take pleasure in each and every item you buy, be it a white t-shirt, underwear or a brand new dress;

  4. Make each item meaningful and when you buy, think about if you really need it, and if it isn’t perfect, wait a little longer;

  5. Take interest in the brands you buy from, whether they are sustainable, have values that correspond to yours.

  6. Buy quality before quantity. On the long run, you will benefit from it because you will use it more and it will last longer;

  7. Last but not least, wear color, you will feel all the better for it!

We are working on finding the best solution to make you life easier when dressing and shopping.

©I-DYLIC Article by Eleonore Vadon