Color is a creative expression


9 December 2018

Eiseman says: "Just as we reached for coloured crayons as children, giving us the freedom to create, colour still offers the opportunity for creative expression and enables us to escape and fantasise."

Dressing each morning can be a hassle. Some decide the night before, others spend 20 minutes trying on 2 different outfits before deciding on something. The most difficult is having no idea, opening your wardrobe and thinking “I have nothing to wear” that can be translated by “I don’t know what to wear today that will make me feel confident”. The good news is that with a few tips you can master it pretty quickly. Know your colors, style and suitable shapes and you will be twice and quick and confident in the way you look.

Feeling ugly is completely independent of what anyone looks like, but our clothes’ choices and emotional states are linked. Though dressing well and / or wearing colors can take an extra effort in the beginning, it will have a impact on how you feel and how you are perceived. Studies have shown that women who feel sad or unconfident will wear baggy clothes or jeans, but it should be the other way round. Feeling low, or facing a tough day should make you make that extra effort to look and feel good.

Iris Apfel herself was a true defender of self-expression through fashion: “Fashion really is women's liberation in a lot of ways. Look at how many women in this country are depressed about how they look and how they think they have to look! It's really sad. And it's not about money.”

Through her words she is telling us to embrace fashion rather than reject it or take it timidly. This means knowing yourself first and enjoying the morning ritual of getting dressed. In our work, through our hobbies, with our families, we learn about others. What’s important here though, is to learn about ourselves. It’s a work in progress.

Happy clothes include well-cut, figure-enhancing items made up of quality fabrics in nice colors. We should walk out of the door every morning, feel confident about what we are wearing and not think about it anymore.

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©I-DYLIC. Article by Eleonore Vadon