Empowering but not overpowering


15 September 2018

The keywords for color in this fashion season are empowerment, confidence and spirit, and the colors chosen by Pantone for SS 2019 reflect this trend with Fiesta red, Pink Peacock or Mango Mojito.

We’ve gone a long way, and the predominantly black or grey window displays we have been seeing for so long are living a transformation and revealing color again. Why is that? Because we are realizing that it is time to express ourselves through our clothes rather than disappear in them and brands are starting to understand that. Since empowerment is about confidence, fashion is a great way to transmit it and make people feel good.



Buying your colors helps build that self-esteem. It is positive and mood-enhancing. Knowing your body and the shapes that suit you is a step further to feeling great. See our previous blog articles for some tips on the best shapes of tops and trousers for you, and skirt lengths.

If you feel your look is too classical, throw in a crazy accessory: a statement handbag, chunky earrings. If you woke up in a sad mood, choose an outfit with colors! It will lift your mood and make you feel powerful!


Don’t forget that some red lipstick, in the tone that suits your skin, can make all the difference. Also, nails can be painted in every single color of the rainbow now. Go ahead and try!


Empowering doesn’t mean overpowering though. We, men and women, need to strive to be more comfortable and confident, and this is a process.

But don’t hesitate to inch towards color to make you life nicer.

©I-DYLIC. Article by Eleonore Vadon