Fashion helps us express ourselves


10 March 2018

Some consider fashion as empty, superficial and a waste of time and money. Others are passionate about fashion design, colors and materials and the artistic dexterity behind it. Others use it as a mode of expressing their identity and freedom.

The truth is, fashion is the exterior expression of what we have inside. Why then do we dress in dull or neutral colors? Do we want to blend in, or do we want to disappear? Are we afraid of standing out and calling other people’s attention? Are we afraid of being different? Difference isn’t a shame, but an expression of our identities. Malala, as we discussed in a previous article, expresses her freedom of expression and activism visually through bright colors. Recently she was attacked on online media for wearing jeans (!!!).

But color, through fashion, can fill us with joy. It expresses how we want to look and how we want to live. According to Kaustav Dey in his TED conference “How fashion helps us express who we are and what we stand for”, color is a mode of expression in fashion. He actually goes to describe how his grandmother was passionate about color, and when her husband died, she had to wear the traditional white color, for widows in India. Only once a year, in the Holi hindu Festival of Color, were widows’ saris covered in colored paints from head to toe. Holi, that celebrates the arrival of the Spring, also celebrates fertility, love and color, and the triumph of the good versus evil.

Our bodies are a canvas that we paint how we want. And color is armor. Fashion is an extension of us or a way to reinvent ourselves. History, culture, emotions and politics sometimes influence what we wear.

The question is: do we dress for society or for ourselves? Everyone knows first impressions are made on how we dress, and quick conclusions are made based on our style and quality of clothes. Also, we often want to dare new colors or styles and are sometimes afraid because we want to feel at ease to face the world.

But fashion is also a language and a solution to transform how you feel about yourself, looking good. If you find the right clothes, in the right colors and combinations, the result will be astounding. Color is a great way of expressing yourself in this way, and if the colors illuminate your face the effect is even greater!

At I-DYLIC, our goal is to help people wear the colors and shapes that suit them, and to dare to express themselves. So go ahead and mix and match your colors, just as long as you enjoy it and feel beautiful!

©I-DYLIC. Article by Eleonore Vadon