Finding our own personal style


28 July 2018

Finding your own personal style can be a real challenge for each of us, men and women. The idea is to know what we really like, what suits us and what fits with our lifestyle.

So here are a few I-Dylic tips for you.

  1. Know your colors: First of all find out what colors suit you and, among those, select the colors that appeal to you. Wearing the colors that suit you will illuminate your face and you will look great!

  2. Find out how to match them: Matching clothes (and avoiding the obvious neutrals), can be a challenge. Let I-Dylic help you with that!

  3. Clean your closet: Knowing your personal style and what suits you means knowing what doesn’t, so exchange, sell or donate what you don’t wear, whatever the reason is. It means it “isn’t you”.

  4. Be inspired: Do you have celebrities that inspire you in their style? Take note. If they have a similar body shape to yours it’s even better! If you use social media, create a Pinterest board and pin the looks you like of them. See which ones suit you in terms of color and shape, and make your selection.

  5. Shop wisely: There are plenty of ways to shop wisely but don’t sacrifice quality and a good cut, you’ll be happy to be using your purchase plenty of time without the quality degrading with each wash. Remember that nice quality is accessible to all as long as you buy on sale, in outlets, secondhand or exchanging.

  6. Take your time: When purchasing, don’t buy instinctively. If you’re not sure, it’s better not to purchase it (unless you can return your purchase with a refund). I often sleep on it before purchasing special items.

  7. Make sure you wear your right size and shape: You won’t look thinner with a smaller size, you will look great with your right size of clothes. On the other side, don’t buy oversized clothes to camouflage parts of your body you don’t like. It only makes it worse. Just try and find out what suits you and stick to that.

  8. Adapt your wardrobe to your lifestyle: Think of what you need in your wardrobe according to your profession, your activities, hobbies and traveling style. Living in Madrid I go everywhere by bike, so I avoid buying narrow skirts and dresses. People dress up here for dinner parties so I have a good selection of chic clothes, nice heels and handbags for each occasion. I can mix them endlessly, they are timeless, and I feel really at ease with them. I do sports almost every day so I need at least 3 changes that can be washed often without wearing out.

  9. Last but not least, be confident: Be sure you feel confident with your style, so you won’t have to hesitate before stepping out your door.

It is sometimes difficult to wear new clothes or styles when we don’t have someone to give an objective opinion on our look, taking into account our personality and style.

That is precisely what I-Dylic aims to do.

©I-DYLIC. Article by Eleonore Vadon