How pants fit


9 June 2018

I-DYLIC How to choose the right shape of pants

Yes, we all have unique bodies in shape and size. The good news is so does fashion. The key is to know what suits us. Pants, or trousers, are a real challenge. Finding the right shape of jeans or trousers can be tough, and we, in I-Dylic, want to help you determine the shape that suits you best.

What aspects do we need to take into account first?

  • Length of legs

  • Size of waist

  • Width of thighs and calves

...among others.

The main thing though is not only to look good, but to feel good also.

So let’s go back to our shapes for women:

Before you buy your pants, make sure you know:

  1. The color suits you.

  2. The shape suits you (hips and waist are crucial)

  3. It’s the right size.


Avoid having a tight waist since it isn’t the part of your body you particularly want to emphasize. You will find that slim leg styles are the most flattering as you can wear them with longer tunic tops and not look overwhelmed by fabric.

You can also opt for wide and long-leg trousers to elongate the silhouette.

@zalando Karen by Simonsen table classic lilac pants

@zalando Mos Mosh Etta classic offwhite pants @zalando Ivy and Oak flared pants in brick red h


The idea is to follow your curves with a boot leg. A little bootcut or flare will balance your hips. You can wear pants with a darker color and wear a lighter colored or patterned top draw attention upwards. For those that still hesitate, you may find that pants are hard to fit and that skirts are an easier option!

@zalando Pepe Jeans Sturn classic pants

@zalando 2nd One Noor straight indie red jeans


With a small waist you need to wear trousers with a fitted waist. In this case, high-waisted trousers are ideal to highlight it and it will also make your legs looks longer. Wearing wide legs looks even better with this kind of model!

@zalando Weekday Vida jean flare


Having a body in the shape of a rectangle means you have a similar width of shoulders and hips, and not a really defined waist. The shape of trousers can be straight at the waist with a straight leg pant. Trousers with pleats or straight cut jeans are a great option.

@zalando EDC by Esprit straight basic pants

@zalando Hallhuber Charlotte classic purple pants

Some extra tips:

Don’t have pants that are too tight either at the waist or the thigh. You will never be comfortable wearing them.

The bootcut will minimize the width of your hips.

Straight legs make your legs appear thinner.

Skinny and slim jeans show the exact silhouette of your legs, so they are not particularly flattering or hiding. You decide what you wish to show and not to show!

Go ahead and buy trousers in wonderful colors and shapes that suit you, and try to stay away from the color black!

©I-DYLIC. Article by Eleonore Vadon