How predictable are we?


17 February 2019

We all know we are in the era of data, big data.

What does that mean?

That artificial intelligence is following our each and every step online in order to segment, or personalize, or narrow down, what ads or content is proposed to us according to our previous navigation. But are we that predictable? If we buy a pair of running shoes one day, will we buy some running shorts the next, or sign up to the local race? If we purchase a red dress, does it mean we will always search for red? Or even better, if another user also purchased a red dress, does that mean we will buy the same other things as that person?

Data is a priceless thing in business, because companies think that by analysing the data, they can predict the future. To a certain point, data will help companies optimise internally, in terms of production, logistics, perhaps even marketing and sales. But in my opinion this is only to a certain degree.

Are we robots or are we unique, “original” living people? Data seems to imply the former, though the reality may prove to be the opposite. Being unique means we all have specific needs and desires and lives, and at different moments.

Brands are in a race for integrating AI in their marketing and selling strategies. It is cheaper than a marketing team, it’s instantaneous and extremely precise, depending on our predictability.

In terms of fashion, AI determines your tastes in terms of brands, price range, previous shopping visits. My question is, rather than impose what they think we want, why don’t brands ask us what we need and let us express ourselves?

If we say you are what you wear, or you are what you buy in fashion, then this is how AI represents us. It is called a fashion social graph.

Now I’m going to do another exercise with Anna. She is 28 years old, works in a communication agency and lives in London.

Anna has just signed up to a new cross fit class. She wants to get back into shape, and swimming isn’t enough. She needs a high impact sport’s bra for the class.

Anna’s sister is getting married in the Spring, and as a bridesmaid, her sister has asked her and fellow bridesmaids to wear a Cerulean blue dress of her choice. She goes browsing online.

Anna’s favorite pair of Levi’s jeans has just died, she wants to replace them but not until she finds that exact model and hue she likes.

Next week is Anna’s boyfriends birthday. Since it’s sale time, she was thinking of giving him a lovely canary yellow cashmere sweater, a color that looks great on him.

Now tell me, just how predictable are Anna’s needs? Isn’t it just easier to make things easier for her search?

And let’s talk about sneakers. We all have at least a pair, for sports or just for everyday wear. Most people have above 6 pairs (yes, me too). But my sneakers needs vary from running on cement, running on trails, cross-fitting, streetwear, etc. So who am I?

As you know, we love color, and wearing your right colors has a positive impact on how we feel. That’s our only objective. So if you have any input to give us, please let is know

So go ahead, find your color chart and start embracing new exciting colors!
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©I-DYLIC. Article by Eleonore Vadon