How to shop wisely

23 June 2018

We wish to talk to you about how to shop intelligently. There are millions of options both on and offline for buying clothes, but make sure you are investing in the right pieces.

Shopping is an investment. It’s no use buying something you won’t wear. You might find a unique piece you will wear once. But maybe it’s enough for you to be fabulous with it just for one day. That’s up to you.

You may also look for a basic t-shirt or trousers to wear everyday. Don’t underestimate the importance of buying the right colors, with quality material and a good fit! If you’re going to wear it often, make sure it lasts! At I-Dylic we want you to feel happy with what you are wearing, therefore happy with what you purchase.

Here are some tips:

  1. Know yourself: Know what colors, shapes and type of materials suit you and that you like best. It will help you make a first selection of potential clothes without wasting your precious time.

  2. Choose your shopping partners wisely. Make sure your friend thinks of you when giving advice, and not of themselves and make sure they know your approximate budget. There’s nothing worse than buying something that you can’t afford. It’s nerve wracking.

  3. The current collections don’t necessarily suit everybody. Today in fashion, there aren’t really collections any more, and designers each have their own style, so choose the things that suit you be it new, on sale, in an outlet or even secondhand! Unless you work for someone like in “The Devil Wears Prada”, no one will judge you on THAT!

  4. Take your time: Buying new clothes can take time. If you’re desperate, you might choose something you’re not happy with. Take your time, and if you need to sleep over it, do so! You can always purchase it online knowing the model and size!

  5. Privilege quality over quantity: Buying good quality clothes means that they will wear less even if you wash them often, and will always look good. Also it’s best to buy a good quality item with a good fit than a piece with a poor fit and poor material. You will feel it and people will see it. Calculate the number of clothes you wear in a week and you will see you don’t need that many clothes at a time between wash and wash.

  6. Don’t let the “sale” or “outlet” label force you into buying. Saving money is a great thing in fashion, but only if you actually wear what you bought. If you’re not going to wear it, save your money for something else!

  7. Privilege color: If you already have 5 pairs of black or grey trousers or blue jeans, why buy another in the same color? Explore pink and blue and red and green and yellow! See what colors suit you and how to match them with other colors and go ahead! Wear color!

©I-DYLIC. Article by Eleonore Vadon