If you buy it, wear it

14 October 2018

We all have varying amounts of spending money for fashion, and this is NOT the subject of my blog article today. The subject is don’t waste money on something you don’t need and then discard it. Not only are you wasting your money and time, but you are also polluting others!

This goes for everything though here our business is fashion! As Livia Firth says, we need to “save money by not buying clothes we don’t need and won’t wear!”

In food, the British activist chef Jamie Oliver tells people to keep their kitchen cupboards clean and tidy so they see what food they have so as not to waste it and throw it away.

The same goes for our wardrobe. Make sure you know what you’ve got before purchasing new things. Go “through” your stuff once in a while, especially when you feel there is nothing in your

A piece of clothing you have is not so exactly the way you like it? Be creative!

  1. Shorten or lengthen the sleeves or hem at your fashion, or according to what suits your body shape.

  2. If you don’t like the buttons anymore, change them.

  3. The lining of your coat or jacket is dead? Put in a new one and add color! You will feel great every day you wear it.

  4. Old doesn’t mean old-fashioned: fashion evolves in cycles and what goes around comes around. Keep your favorite clothes even if they didn’t appear in the last Paris Fashion Week!

You want to get rid of a piece of clothing? Give it, donate it or sell it, but don’t throw it away to the landfill!

Remember that behind each piece of clothing there has been a product cycle, from the growing and harvesting  of the raw material and the weaving of the cloth, the cleaning and bleaching, and finally the sowing. It there are patterns, the process is even more complex. Don’t throw away these people’s work.

Also, make sure you appreciate what you buy and that it will be useful to you for longer than just one wear. Another piece of advice from Livia Firth I full agree with is: ‘In Italy, everyone will always tell you never, ever, ever save money on shoes – you spend on shoes, they last a long time. You buy well then you’re never uncomfortable.’

©I-DYLIC. Article by Eleonore Vadon


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