Is that dress right for me?


26 May 2018

I-DYLIC Is that dress right for me?

We women love to relax and read a magazine or blog, browse Facebook or Instagram, err in front of shop windows to see what we like. When looking at dresses, especially in the Summer where we start showing more skin because we have a light suntan, it isn’t always easy to know which shape will suit us. So how about a few I-Dylic tips?

A dress that suits you “like a glove” as we say in French, really exists. You just have to find it. How so? Knowing what’s best for you, the color, shape, material and last but not least fit, are the crucial criteria for the perfect dress for you to look good...and feel good.

  1. Like a glove

The ideal dress needs to hug you in the right places and make the ones you like less visible. Personally, I have an athletic body, meaning that any floaty dress will look horrendous on me. I need to go to the structured, no frills dress.
2. Determine the body shape

So the first thing to determine is your body shape. Bradly Bayou wrote the book Science of Sexy, The: Dress to Fit Your Unique Figure with the Style System That Works for Every Shape and Size with none less than 48 different figures. We will try to narrow or down to 4.

Apple (14% of women): Top heavy, bigger than the hips, waistline with little definition, slim arms and legs.

Pear (20% of women): Bottom heavy and small bust with narrower shoulders. Butt and legs are curvaceous, wider and stronger than the top of the body.

Hourglass (10% of women): Hip and bust are the same size, but the waist is significantly defined. Fat is stored throughout regularly.

Rectangular (46% of women): If your body is straight, your hips and bust have the same size approximately, your waist does not really have curves, but you may have a curvy bottom or a bigger chest.

So these are the main shapes.

3. Balance your top with bottom

Is your butt bigger or your chest bigger? The idea is to balance your proportions and accentuate your qualities.

4. There is no best or worst body type

The key is to know yourself and dress consequently.

5. Choose your dress according to your body type:

Apple: Direct attention away from the midriff and accentuate the other parts. Avoid defining the waistline with belts and dresses that define the waist. V-necked dresses are great to draw attention to you bust and neck. Wear sleeves.

Whistles Paige v-neck dress

Malene Birget Philanfi evening dress

Pear: The main objective here is to balance the body by adding to the shoulder and bust area. So wear a bra that accentuates the bust area and let the top of your dress accentuate your shoulders. Make sure the color illuminated the top of your body and face!

Esprit Collection long navy dress

Yas Summer dress

Rectangular: If your body is boyish or lacks curves, exaggerate your curves at the waist with a belted dress. Add feminism to your look with ruffles and frills to add texture and volume to your body. If you wear a dress with frills at the top, you will look more balanced and feminine. If you have great legs, wear mini-dresses, to add shape to your body.

River Island kerry-waisted dress

Esprit collection fluid dress in Fucshia

Hourglass: Embrace your curves! Don’t cover them up. Wear a dress that accentuates your waist, with a v-neck which will flatter your bust.

Michael Kors true navy dress

Marciano Los Angeles lace-up pencil dress.

6. What about my size?

If you are petite, avoir ankle-length dresses and oversized shapes, or you will lose yourself inside your dress! Choose mini dresses to maintain your proportions. Wearing vertical stripes can be an option to look taller. Heels are always a good idea, and nude shoes elongate the legs.

7. Should I wear patterns or only full colors?

Yes, do! Accentuate colors and patterns on areas you want to accentuate and remember to wear colors that illuminate your face and match well together.

As we say in I-Dylic, LIFE IS TOO BEAUTIFUL TO DRESS SADLY! Go ahead and buy dresses in wonderful colors and shapes that suit you, and try to stay away from the little black dress!

©I-DYLIC. Article by Eleonore Vadon