Missoni & me


28 October 2018

When I began this color project with Mireille, one of the brands that was proof of the power of color and the importance of matching them correctly was Missoni. The 65-year-old zigzag brand is one of the rare ones to be a family business with independent creatives.

As Angela Missoni says, “My parents did something very rare, which is that they actually invented a style”, and that is the secret of the brand’s survival.

Missoni, with its sport-lux style, matches colors and layers without regard for conventions of pattern and color. It is their signature. The result isn’t a flashy screamy pattern but a blend of colors which, according to people’s color ID can be absolutely stunning.

The way Missoni works is also distinctive. Most pieces are produced in their own factory so all the details can be tailored. The brand also buys and dyes its own yarns so they have the freedom to produce what they want with no limits on colors and color combinations.

As Suzy Menkes said last year when Angela Missoni was celebrating 20 years at the helm of the brand, the “cornucopia of colours” is amazing, combined light comfortable knits and the pleasure of color, like wearing a soft glove.

Why this combination? Perhaps because the brand’s founder, Ottavio Missoni was an Italian Olympic Hurdler who competed in the 1948 Summer Olympics, and decided to launch a brand of wool tracksuits (or Venjulia suits). The English ribbing and drop-stitching technique that turned out to be zippered, became the Missoni functional, warm garments that ended up on the catwalks.

Ottavio was also the colorist and pattern designer who created the marvelous color combinations through his watercolor and gouache paintings, which were the basis for the Missoni textiles.

The brand goes on, inspiring millions of men and women to wear color in stitches and knits, and it is stunning!

©I-DYLIC. Article by Eleonore Vadon