The Joy of Color


11 November 2018

Let’s say it. Color contributes to joy in our environment, our lifestyle and in what we wear. What is joy? It’s an intense momentary experience of positive emotion (the feeling of wanting to jump up and down). It helps us lead happier and healthier lives.

Cherry blossoms, bubbles, ice-cream cones, fireworks or rainbows are all common things that bring us joy universally. Perhaps because it takes us to joyful moments of when we were little. The beauty, the color, the sparkly, bubbly, bright aspect. The question is, why don’t we have these moments of joy regularly in our lives?

From where we work, to where we live, socialize, do sports, and how we dress. Look around you! What do you see? Grey buildings with sharp angles, neutral clothes that blend in the decor, cars in black, greys or dark blues... Does it make us more productive or satisfied? Does it bring us joy? No it does not.

That is what Ingrid Fetell Lee has researched extensively in her travels. We grow up embracing small joys occurring in our lives at precise moments and then as adults put them aside or ignore them. The same happens with color:
“As we grow up, being colorful or exuberant opens us up to judgement”. According to her, as adults we hold ourselves up from joy. What are we really afraid of?

How has your wardrobe changed in terms of color between when you were little to when you became an adult? How does your wardrobe look now. Is it sullen or bright? Does it bring sadness or joy when you pick your clothes in the morning, 365 days a year, each season?

Fashion is a way to express a personal style, but people aren’t confident with their choices. They are unhappy with their choices of outfit in 15% of cases. The often feel ugly or unconfident.

Did you know that we, women, spend more that 17 minutes picking our clothes in the morning, as a rule, and often try out 2 outfits? And that if we go out in the evening it takes us an extra 20 minutes? These are the results of a study published by Fourchette et Bikini.

Also, we don’t wear 44% of our wardrobe. Their must be some insatisfaction there don’t you think?

What if we start adding some color, or joy, to our wardrobes. Wouldn’t those dreary mornings lighten up be there sunshine, rain or snow? What if you actually start to fill your wardrobe in the colors that suit you, that you can match them between eachother, in the shapes and styles that suit you. Wouldn’t you start actually enjoying dressing up?

Think about it. If you want to know more about are colors, take our color test and discover our tool, the Colorbird Styling Coach. And remember. No strings attached, just the joy of color!

©I-DYLIC. Article by Eleonore Vadon


TED conference by Ingrid Fetell Lee

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