The shape of men!

31 August 2018

To the detriment of men, fashion (brands and media) have been worried more about women than men. But really, wearing your right colors and shapes goes both ways. So today we will discuss the best fashion for you men according to your body shape.

Here’s our ultimate guide to wearing your right shape!

Step 1: What shape are you?

There are 5 identified body shapes for men: Rectangle, Triangle, Trapezoid, Oval and Inverted Triangle (take a look at the picture below).

Step 2: Find out what to wear according to your body shape.

Rectangle: The top and bottom of your body forms a rectangle, which means you don’t have much waist. The idea here is to create the illusion of a trapezoid by widening the shoulders and narrowing the waist.

Wear adjusted blazers that are padded at the top or layered clothes and round-necked sweaters that will widen your torso, with a more adjusted waistline.

Triangle: Your torso is narrower than your waist and hips. Your waist can therefore seem larger and shoulders can have a “droopy” aspect. No problem! Structured blazers will give more shape to your shoulders. Wear well fitted shirts also or polo shirts to give you more shoulder. Wear straight versus skinny trousers to balance your waist and top.

Trapezoid: Your shoulders are wider than your waist (think professional swimmers!) so most things suit you as soon as the top and bottom is balanced. V neck shirts and sweaters are great in this case. If you wear stripes, try to focus them on the stomach. Avoid skinny trousers and wear a belt to create more balance between the top and bottom. Unstructured jackets work very well with this shape.


If your stomach area is rounder than your shoulders or hips you must be oval. In this case, you need to dress to define your body, meaning you need to lengthen your torso and widen your shoulders. Vertical and pinstripes are ideal in this case. Wear fitted trousers that are just the right length. Wearing shorter trousers or skinny ones will make you look smaller and more “compact”. So go for straight legged or slim ones.

Inverted triangle:

Like the trapezoid but perhaps more difference between the torso width and waist, you need to balance out your proportions.

V-necks and soft jackets without padding are great. Avoid skinny trousers and go for straight-legged trousers or chinos.

Step 3: Take a look at your wardrobe and try out the shapes we recommend you.

How do you feel. Are we on the right track? Then sell, give away or donate what doesn’t suit you. It’s no use keeping it in the cupboard if it isn’t right!

Step 4: Shop wisely

Now you know your shape, shop what suits you. You will feel all the more confident. Don’t buy shapes that don’t suit you anymore. You will save money and energy.

Step 5: Do your color test.

After identifying your shape, do your color test! Wearing your right shapes and colors will change your life. You will look and feel better and save plenty of time shopping!

©I-DYLIC. Article by Eleonore Vadon

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