Tips for shopping during sales


7 July 2018

At the beginning of July, we are attacking a feverish moment, the Summer sales in our European and American spheres. Those who have been purchasing full price during the collection need not worry, but those who have been waiting for prices to go down can go crazy. As you have seen in our previous blogs, we prone wise purchasing. So here are a few tips to keep in mind.

I am speaking from personal experience so trust me on this!

  1. If it isn’t perfect, don’t buy it. It isn’t because something is on sale you have to buy it. Try it on, and ask yourself does the color and shape suit me? Does it fit well?

  2. Make sure the sale price is really worth the purchase. The value of a piece of clothing is whether you wear it frequently (divide price by number of times it is worn) or for an event that is really important for you and the piece is picture perfect (suits you “like a glove”).

  3. Look at the finishes: some brands I won’t name make specific lower-quality clothes for sales. Make sure the hems are well sown, that buttons are well attached and aligned and that patterns are aligned at the stitches.

  4. Try it on: It only takes a few minutes, so if you are going to invest in clothes (whatever the price is) and you are in the store, try it on!

  5. Make sure you really want it (need to have it): If you don’t need it, think if you are really going to use it and that it makes you happy to buy it. That’s all the fun, especially if the price is good for you.

  6. How does it match with my own clothes? Will you really wear it? What clothes and/or accessories does it match with in your wardrobe. What colors does it match with?

  7. Don’t overspend: Shopping during sales can make you spend more than usual. Make sure the price is reasonable for your wallet, otherwise you might end up regretting it.

  8. There is no obligation: Sometimes salespeople pressure us to purchase something we are not sure about. Relax, breathe and if you are not sure, tell the salesperson and walk out of the store!

  9. Have a great time: Shopping can be lovely if you find the right stores where you can enjoy it. Sometimes we go to stores where the atmosphere is cold and salespeople are cashiers, other times we feel intimidated or unwelcome. But sometimes we go to a shop where the salesperson connects with us and senses if we need or don’t need help and let us do our thing. Go for those ones, the experience will change radically!

©I-DYLIC. Article by Eleonore Vadon