The perfect seasonless wardrobe


14 July 2018

We all know that fashion has less and less seasons since new collections are launched every few weeks, versus twice a year like before (Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter collections have all but disappeared). Today we are going to talk about having a great seasonless wardrobe, which is actually quite a good solution!

What does this mean? That if you buy a piece to wear now, you will also be able to wear it in 6 months time.

  1. Color. When buying for your seasonless wardrobe, remember to include colored pieces, and before purchasing them, make sure they match with what you already have. Many items, like a pair of cotton trousers, closed heels or a shirt, can be worn whatever season you are in.

  2. Layering. Layering means you can have lighter pieces for the Summer which will look great in Autumn or Winter with with The value of a piece of clothing is whether you wear it frequently (divide price by number of times it is worn) or for an event that is really important for you and the piece is picture perfect (suits you “like a glove”).

  3. Prints: Don’t underestimate the power of the print! Prints look fabulous and some (if they are well made with nice colors), easily work throughout the seasons. In a top they can be worn as a light layer with shorts or a skirt, or in Winter with a jacket.

  4. Scarf: When buying a silk or cotton scarf, think about if you can wear it all year round, either for covering your neck or shoulders during a chilly evening in the Summer or Spring, or for protecting your neck in Winter to add a touch of elegance to your coat. The choice of colors is important here. Make sure the scarf suits your face tone, it will make all the difference, and avoid neutrals if you can.

  5. Handbag: When buying a handbag, make sure you can wear it easily, that it suits your seasonless wardrobe and that everything you need daily fits in it. The good thing is that there is plenty of choice in handbags with amazing colors. Don’t hesitate to invest in bold colors for a nice handbag, it will always give a touch of Glamour to your wardrobe.

  6. Budget: The good thing about having seasonless pieces, is that you don’t need as many clothes. We recommend you to invest in quality versus quantity. You’ll see that it makes all the difference!

©I-DYLIC. Article by Eleonore Vadon