Unclutter your wardrobe


23 May 2017

I’m a morning person. I wake up with energy, jump out of bed, wake up my 3 children smoothly, go to shower, make a coffee, etc.

However, the moment I open my cupboard to pick my clothes hasn’t been a good one for a long time.

My cupboard has always felt stuffy, filled with things I wear everyday (at the top), things I wear rarely or for special occasions (in the middle), and at the bottom, things I never wear but invariably take out at each change of seasonal wardrobe, just in case!

It wasn’t just the disorder or excess of clothes, it was the cluttered part, dragging my life story through lucky or unlucky purchases. Colors that fit, colors that are off, others that are too boring or sad.

So the time came when I said “This is all wrong, I have to unclutter”. I was inspired by people like “The Minimalists” (www.theminimalists.com), who believe we should only possess what we need. The rest is, either the weight of souvenirs or the bad inappropriate, superfluous purchases.

So the first thing I did was sell on Wallapop my good but unwanted clothes and accessories. How happy I felt to know that these abandoned clothes were beginning a new life. The rest went to Humana Foundation (www.humana-spain.org) , which according to the state of the clothes respectively sells or recycles them in order to finance training, education, and the development of beneficiary communities in sub-Saharan Africa, South America and Asia.

That felt good. The clothes were in the loop. It felt much better than, on a bad mood day, getting fed up with things putting them in a plastic bag and off to the bin (plastic!). According to a Greenpeace (bit.ly/1YIbyV9) publication in 2016, three quarters of all garments end up in landfills!

It also made me realize how the simple abundance of clothes was a shocking proof of the amount of money I spent on things I didn’t use. I mean how many black dresses do you need to get through the winter season?

Also the colors. Why didn’t I have colors in my wardrobe? Blacks, greys, dark blues, whites and browns were dominant so as not to take any risks on color matching.

How boring!

This made me realize that I didn’t know which were MY COLORS.

When I met Mireille, everything changed, or at least everything became clear. We all have colors that suit us and they can be determined according to some scientific facts, some questions of taste, and a passion for looking great and harmonious.

I-DYLIC was born. The concept is to help people identify their own personal color palette and which colors combine with others. This is the fruit of more than 10 years of research on color tone, color combinations, science and emotions, and the evolution of fashion.
©I-DYLIC. Article by Eleonore Vadon