What's your color personality?


21 April 2018

The colors that suit of appeal to us are often linked to our personality. We are not doing astrology or guessing here, we are talking real time! Some of you may have taken our color quiz already. If you are Kingfisher or Tudaco, warm colors suit you, and if your are Blue Jay or Quetzal, you need to wear the cool ones. But in fact this color test goes beyond just your skin undertone, color of your veins or luminosity of your eyes, they express personality!

For example, let’s see how things are at home. My husband and I are Quetzal (cool), my 3 children are respectively Quetzal (cool), Blue Jay (cool) and Kingfisher (warm).

How does reflect in our lives? Basically you can see it in our decoration at home, dominated by strong colors versus pastels, and in our clothes.

My daughter Victoria, being a Blue Jay, loves light blues and pinks, and soft light colors suit her divinely, but red also.

William, my Kingfisher man wears bright yellows, energetic greens, royal blues.  

We, my husband Max and I, love Klein blues, reds, fuschias, purples, metallic colors, and so on.

How does this translate in terms of personality?

My husband, elder son Max and I have clear-cut personalities. We love drama and making a statement. With a sharp color palette, cool and bright colors are what most suit us. Striking patterns like geometrics are part of these statements in clothes and what we choose for our home. We like good quality pieces and prefer minimalism or maximalism but nothing in between, the extremes. Attention to detail is a key part of our personality (and obsessions).

Quetzals are rational people, they are objective and are thinkers. Like their colors, their personality is strong, intense, contrasted, dramatic, very private and strictly elegant. They are dynamic and direct people.
My littlest William, as a Kingfisher, is energetic, full of life, and optimistic with a positive outlook. He always wakes up in a good mood and loves new activities and experiences. His palette is light and bright, warm and clear. In terms of clothes, he instinctively chooses lively, modern cuts.

Spring people are friendly and open and, of course, spontaneous. Their manner is dynamic, active, simple, radiant and young.

Victoria as a Blue Jay, is soft and romantic and never over-stated. Her colors are muted, more pastels, with subtle flowing patterns. She is graceful and elegant, and is creative but feminine at the same time when creating her looks.

Summer in general have a soft approach to relationships. They are elegant, considerate and gentle. Like the colors that suit them, they are covered by a soft veil, muted and romantic.

Autumns are warm and so is their palette. They are robust and organic. They are passionate with a strong connection to nature. Their houses need to be welcoming, cosy and comfortable. Authenticity is key and their clothes and house will reflect nature in terms of color with all the Autumn shades like brown, orange, yellow, green. Black is a no-go for Autumns. In terms of personality, Autumns are motherly and down-to-earth. They are like covered by bronze, maternally warm and strong, courageous.

So where do you stand? Do you feel the colors that suit you also suit your personality?

©I-DYLIC. Article by Eleonore Vadon