Why men love fashion...


21 July 2018

This year we have seen an explosion in men’s fashion, through street looks, the media and of course the fashion designers and shows. In a world where women have always been omnipresent, today the focus is shifting a little on men.

One example is the nomination of Virgil Abloh as the designer of Louis Vuitton’s menswear. The choice is jaw-dropping in a luxury sector that was always rather conventional for men...We are used to Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford with modernized classics, but the real breakthroughs are arriving now. Change often brings good things, and Virgil Abloh is sure to make men’s fashion evolve in styles, color, and what people dare to wear.

The Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Show show was a demonstration of this, with the colors of the rainbow represented in the Palais Royal gardens in honor of the pride month.

This shows us that men in fashion and men in society are ready to break the barriers that have defined what they wear. It’s a mode of expression. Some men are businessmen, but they are also fathers, artists, musicians, sportsmen, dreamers, creatives and with a sense of taste and colors. Before men’s creativity was not celebrated. Today we want men to also embrace color, and that they combine the colors in their outfits to feel better and look better.

©I-DYLIC. Article by Eleonore Vadon