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Share your color looks with us and include @dressyourlifeincolor to appear in our feed!



Color wallet

Our color wallets give you ideas on how to match colors for a stylish look. Helpful for shopping or organising your wardrobe...







“ Yes love it. The test was fun. It’s a great idea to drive people to consider purchases they hadn’t previously." Emily, UK





MIREILLE: As a professional coach, she accompanies teams and organisations towards more agility. Mireille has always been fascinated by colors and to match them makes her enthusiastic. For many years and with significant success, she has advised her friends on which colors to wear and how to combine them. Today, she has decided to share her knowledge via a chatbot and a color wallet. Mother of two young adolescents, Mireille lives in Brussels.       


ELEONORE: As a communication specialist, she has worked in web, content and PR agencies in Paris, Geneva and Madrid, especially for premium and luxury brands. She loves the magic of clothes that fit like a glove in the right shape and colors. For her, I-Dylic is the opportunity to provide a personalized shopping experience by matching brands to users’ desires and needs, via a chatbot. Eleonore lives in Madrid with her husband and 3 children.



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