Where's the elegance?


9 June 2018

Where’s the elegance?

There is one thing I love about fashion, is its ability to make people beautiful. Fashion can be a way to express oneself. We dress every morning knowing that what we wear will say something about who we are. That is why it is sometimes an issue. We need to find something that suits us, that we feel confident in, that suits the occasion…

Mostly though, we are unsure. We turn to fashion brands, blogs and celebrity or influencer pictures for inspiration, but in the moment where we buy something we are often a bit lost.

Today when I walk in the street, I see many brands on people’s clothes, lots of money spent to make a status statement or swear allegiance to a brand, many expressions of fashion, but when I search for elegance, it’s a difficult task.

Elegance, or wearing one’s clothes with style is something that is important. It means that your clothes are like a second  It doesn’t mean you have to love someone’s looks, but that you see that as a whole, these is a beauty and harmony. That what you wear fits like a glove.

Seeing the MET Gala a month ago, I was intrigued. There was an immense effort made in each costume, every celebrity had probably studied this months before the event. Most outfits were created by the top-of-the-list designers specifically for the MET : Christian Dior, Gucci, and others. But the result, though spectacular, was hardly beautiful et even less elegant. Except a few like Cara Delevingne, were actually elegant in their CAMP originality.

Today, in celebrity fashion, there is a race to show, to shock, to make one uncomfortable, to always do more to go over the top.

I was watching fashion influence Sophie Fontanel’s TEDxRennes conference on Elegance (in French, I’m afraid), where she says that her grandmother always said “elegance is the most affordable luxury we can give to ourselves”.  Elegance is not about putting the price, elegance is about a subtle balance in our clothes, a detail that will give that touch to a whole look.

Today, with the abundance of second hand in our cities and online, we have the opportunity to access beautiful pieces of clothing at an affordable price. Elegance is also about having beautiful material, well cut and well carried by the person, in the right color. Finally, elegance is in the spirit so the way you carry you clothes, with a natural slide of confidence and determination, will make all the difference.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

©I-DYLIC. Article by Eleonore Vadon