My favorite things


7 October 2018

The other day I read an article in @theguardian about cherishing what we have and enjoying our favorite things rather than anticipate needs, desires, fears or the idea of not looking or doing good enough. Gemma Cairney is right when she says:

“I keep smelling a sort of panic in the air, a fear of not achieving enough, not having enough money, not being deemed successful or beautiful enough. We seem to be always looking forward, working out ways of getting more. Trying to be more, to rope-climb to dizzying heights, but gracefully and gorgeously… We need to be better at looking at the right now and appreciating the things we already have.”

Some may say I am drifting away from fashion, not I’m not sure.

Here are a set of recommendations to enjoy what is, and not only what is to come.

  1. Rediscover your clothes with the change of season: Take each piece, evaluate if you wear it, and how much, and if it has it’s space in your wardrobe or if it is encumbering it. Our bodies and fashion often fluctuate and what was not appropriate last year might be great this one. Though many say that if you don’t wear clothes in a year, discard them, I find I sometime rediscover old clothes and start to wear them again.

  2. Discard clothes that don’t suit you in terms of shape and color: Remember that today we can sell, exchange or donate clothes. The offers are endless. If the item in your wardrobe is not right for you, don’t keep it.

  3. Vary your looks: Though it’s more convenient to always dress the same, think of all those cool clothes in your wardrobe you don’t wear for lack of time or fear of getting it wrong. Forget that, we only live once. Wear what you want to wear and feel great in! In doubt, ask a family member or friend. I always ask my eldest son Max to give an opinion on my looks. Without being judgemental, he knows what works or doesn’t for me.

  4. Give second hand a try: You want to collaborate in the circular economy? If you haven’t tested it yet, give second hand a chance! I’m personally a big fan. You might not find anything one day, and dig out a treasure another. Second hand is immense, for all budget and tastes, with the extra possibility that you might discover a treasure! Just yesterday I found a pair of velvet blue trousers from Brazil in my local second hand store for 25€. They are gorgeous! It is often an opportunity to buy quality pieces with great materials at the price of a fast fashion item.

  5. Discover what colors suit you, and which ones don’t: This will make your life infinitely easier on and offline, in your wardrobe and when shopping. With our chatbot, you will access the colors that suit you directly: the right tone of reds, greens, blues, pinks, browns, yellows.

What are you favorite things in your wardrobe?

These are mine:

1st favorite thing: A fucsia Ted Lapidus silk dress that belonged to my mother.

2nd favorite thing: My silver Chanel peep toes bought second hand in Paris at an unbelievable price.

3rd favorite thing: A purple leather Loewe jacket (so thin it feels like a shirt) I bought at a special sale.

4th favorite thing: An electric blue men’s @Longchamp for carrying my office: phone, computer, chargers, etc. It’s elegant, practical and the color and leather are amazing.

And guess what? These are all my colors!

©I-DYLIC. Article by Eleonore Vadon